Fall Window Display Competition

October 19th - October 26th, 2018

Downtown Marshfield

Walk downtown and see how truly creative our downtown businesses can be! Storefronts will be competing for bragging rights to the "2018 Best Fall Storefront Display". Who decides? You! Return to our website home page on October 19th to vote for your favorite storefront.

Fall storefront displays debut October 19th.

Our winner will be announced on Trick-Or-Treat Downtown day, October 26th, which kicks off the Downtown Halloweekend!

(If you are a business interested in participating, please contact our office by October 19th! We will be taking photos of window displays and need to know who to include. Displays must be ready by October 19th to qualify for the competition.)

Thank You, "Platinum Friends of Main Street":

Blodgett Haus, Hub City Times, Marshfield Insurance, Simplicity Credit Union, West Bend Insurance, & WCCN

Feel free to contact us with questions and/or comments.