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Main Street Marshfield, Inc. was founded in the spring of 1990 by a group of about 40 local business people, professionals and city officials. As a not-for-profit volunteer corporation, Main Street Marshfield is designed to act as a catalyst for revitalizing the downtown area through concentrated efforts of organization, promotion, design and economic vitality.

Our mission is to energize and strengthen Downtown Marshfield.

Our vision is to honor the history of our downtown while looking for new ways to invigorate and stimulate the economic vitality of businesses within the district. We aim to make Downtown Marshfield a vibrant destination and create experiences that provide a sense of family, community, and togetherness for all residents and visitors.

Our Four Committees

ORGANIZATION: This committee establishes consensus and cooperation by building partnerships among the various groups that have stake in the downtown. Their efforts include organizing fundraising events, recruiting volunteers, building awareness, and maintain the board structure.

PROMOTION: The Promotion Committee works very hard to make downtown Marshfield an exciting place with programming activity and lively stores. Retail promotions, general advertising and special events tell customers you can truly "Find it All!" in downtown Marshfield.

DESIGN: The Design Committee focuses their efforts on the overall beautification of the downtown. They work to enhance the quality and unique historical features of our downtown. Enhancements to buildings, signs, awnings, window displays, landscaping, and pedestrian amenities are encouraged through financial incentives and design assistance.

ECONOMIC VITALITY: The EV Committee seeks out effective ways to diversify an already vibrant and expanding downtown economy. Periodic market surveys provide benchmarks to identify retail gaps and develop strategies for business retention, expansion and recruitment. Conversion of unused upper-story space into apartments and offices and support for the competitive efforts of Main Street's existing merchants provide a solid economic foundation.

Strategic Plan

  • Improve Pedestrian Experience
  • Enhance Downtown Aesthetics
  • Support Residential Development
  • Establish downtown Marshfield as the premier gathering place for county residents, supporting authentic local experiences in a unique setting

Impact Report

2023 BID Proposal

In order to maintain the vitality of Downtown Marshfield, downtown property owners proposed the creation of a Business Improvement District (BID) in 1990. BID formation enabled the downtown business community to organize and implement improvement plans and promotional activities through a Main Street organization. Main Street programming would benefit the central commercial district and the entire Marshfield community.

A BID is the best method for business people to organize, coordinate marketing and promotion efforts, provide management and maintenance programs, and encourage business development. BIDs afford property owners and business people a viable role in directing those affairs within the district, ensuring all beneficiaries of programming participate in funding the programs.

The BID is an essential entity to the Central Business District of Marshfield. The BID has maintained its initial premise to promote the downtown and proactively support revitalization efforts. Through the BID, property owners assess themselves to pay for improvements and activities that will enhance and improve the downtown and to bring customers to the area.

Marshfield's BID fund is currently $66,000 each year. The mill rate is adjusted to provide for this amount annually. This set amount has not increased in 15 years. Current BID fund structure does not account for inflationary expenses or program growth. In Spring 2023, Main Street proposed the BID board phase in a fixed mill rate to prevent gaps in program service. You'll find slides to this presentation here: BID Proposal

The BID board ultimately approved a 3.28% increase beginning in 2024, with more discussions to be held in Spring 2024 regarding future increases needed to manage inflationary pressures.

Despite funding challenges, Main Street is committed to providing amenities to the district each year through events, promotions, economic development, beautification, and volunteerism. Many services provided directly to the BID are possible through strong partnerships with entities outside of the BID. Main Street thanks all who have partnered in energizing and strengthening downtown Marshfield.

Office Hours: Monday - Wednesday, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. | Thursday - Friday, by appointment