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CWED Loan Fund Program

The Central Wisconsin Economic Development Fund, Inc. has created a regional loan fund program to serve as an economic stimulus in Central Wisconsin. Local participating counties in CWED Loan fund are Adams, Marathon, Portage, and Wood.

About the CWED Loan Fund: The purpose of the CWED Loan Fund is to fill financing gaps in local markets and to stimulate private sector development. The CWED Loan fund provides direct loans for up to 10 years at rates beginning at 2% in partnership with other lending institutions.

How Can CWED Loan Funds Be Used?

  • Purchase of land, building, and fixed equipment.
  • Purchase of a business.
  • Working capital.
  • Short-term interim financing.
  • Capital investments for dairy producers that will result in significant long-term increase in capacity to produce milk.
  • Refinancing is not eligible.
  • Other special projects.

Who to Contact

Karen Olson • Business Development Director
Ph: 715-384-3454 • Email

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