Rustic Brushstrokes & Elegant Stitches

November 9th - November 30th, 2023

Chestnut Center for Arts

Enjoy viewing a variety of paintings and stitched art by these two very different artists. All pieces are for sale at a reasonable price. Meet Susan and Patricia tonight 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Susan Renae Sampson is an American artist who enjoys creating portraits that depict our heritage. Her studio and gallery is a busy workplace. A visit to her gallery will impress the viewer with the flexibility and varied style of the arts. Seascapes, forest scenes, country and contemporary originals cover the walls as a testament to Sampson’s far ranging talent.

Sampson Art Gallery is conveniently located in Downtown Black River Falls. Thousands of tourists visit the gallery each year. A main attraction is Sampson’s State Heritage Collection. Each portrait is life size (5’ x 7’) and depicts a famous American who has made an important contribution to our nation.

Visit Her Studio Artist Patricia Bredlow began sewing at an early age. Now 86 years young she has had cancer four times. She sewed professionally for several years. Her artistic talent overcame her when she was awakened by a voice telling her to make crop circles of which she had no prior knowledge. However, seeing the beautiful images she began to embroider them on silk and linen with 10% gold threads, a feeling of peace and wellness overcame her as she created these gorgeous designs.

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