Life's Joy

July 11th - August 22nd, 2024

Chestnut Center for Arts

Born in Wisconsin Rapids, WI in 1954, Terry always excelled in Art classes even at the grade school level. In high school he participated in many Art contests. He attended college in Chattanooga, TN and attended professional art classes under Malcolm Childers. After college, he moved on to University level classes in Michigan with instructors such as Alan Collins and Greg Constantine. As opportunity presented itself, he was able to study masterpieces in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, St. Louis, New York, London, Paris, Geneva, and other great cities. Terry has enjoyed doing portraits as long as he can remember and his mother still has examples of his early work. Currently, he enjoys meeting people in his work as a portrait artist and doing detailed renderings of masterpieces as part of his continual educational process in the arts.

COME TO OUR JULY 11 OPEN HOUSE 6:00-8:00 P.M. MEET TERRY, ENJOY HIS ART AND HIS MUSIC. Free refreshments will be served.

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